Pen Pal Search

Introducing the newest feature in the Find a Pen Pal program...

Pen Pal Search!

Here's how it works...


      • Everyone who signed up for the pen pal program and is waiting for a match has a listing on a password-protected blog.
      • You will have to log in before you can see the listings.
      • You will have to be a paid participant in order to log in.
      • You will use your email and password to access the site.

Click here to view the blog!

Once you've logged in, you can browse the listings of pen pals who are looking for someone lovely to write to. Do any of them sound like your next pen friend? Send me an email asking to be matched up and I will facilitate the rest!



I am really excited about this new development because I have been dreaming of something like this for some time. It helps in two major ways: anyone who just signed up and is very eager to start pen palling can see right away if someone already in the program would be a good match. It also means that anyone who's been waiting for a match will be front and center when their perfect pen pal enters the system. It is also discreet because it is password-protected and I also never use last names or exact locations in the listings. I am so happy to bring you this exciting change!! I know this is going to make a big difference for our growing network of pen pals and snail mail lovers.

Xx, Alison