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Have you ever wanted a pen pal but don't know where in the world to find one? AM Stationery has matched dozens of happy pen pals, making each of their lives better a little bit at a time (their words, not ours!)

Simply pay a $5 entry fee and fill out the questionnaire to get matched with someone who has similar interests as you. Start your pen pal journey today!

The pictures below will guide you through all the steps.

Find a pen pal step 1

With a password, so you can log in later to access your pen pal's address.
find a pen pal step 3: check your email
find a pen pal process step 4: fill out the questionnaire

After 3-6 weeks, you'll have a pen pal!

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What people are saying...

  • Mark - Dublin, Ireland

Molly sent me a letter first and it was amazing! Thank you very much for doing this pen pal thing, it made me feel so much better in general.

  •  Halli - Oregon, USA

I got my first letter today! Thank you for your time! 

  • Nadia - London, UK

Thank you so much for connecting me with Sima! It's so lovely meeting likeminded enthusiasts via letters. I'm so grateful and impressed with your efforts organising and facilitating this pen pal society!!

Frequently Asked Questions...

  • Why does it cost $5?
I started the program in December of 2020, when I opened my online store. For months, I matched people up with a pen pal for free and designed a good system for writing down their information and making sure they got paired up with someone who they would get along well with. This was a way to connect people, but also a way to get my work in front of people to try to sell my art. Four or five months later, I still hadn't made any money. I am still growing. I love helping people find pen pals and so many applicants have personally thanked me, saying they're so grateful to have found my website and signed up for a pen pal. I really want to continue doing it, so I had to start charging an entry fee.
  • Is it guaranteed?

Yes, 100%. I will find you someone who I think will be a good pen pal based on your responses to the questionnaire. I will also check in with you after a month or two to see how it's going. If they didn't respond or you haven't been able to get in touch, I will find you someone else! I am always here to help you on your journey, answer any questions, and resolve any concerns.

  • I haven't received my email yet with the questionnaire form. How do I know my order went through?
I am currently working on getting the automated emails set up for when the digital entry fee is purchased, but until then I send the emails myself. If you haven't heard anything in a few days, send me an email. There might have been an error somewhere in the system. I do my best to keep everyone in the loop and I love hearing from my customers.
  • Can I have more than one pen pal?

Yes! In fact, sometimes I have such a hard time deciding between matching two people up because there is a third candidate that also fits in quite nicely. If you want a couple pen pals, just say so in the questionnaire! 

  • I'm worried about sharing my information. Who will get my mailing address and where will it be shared?

I am the only one who will see your physical address until I have found you a pen pal. At that point, I will put your address onto their account. They will have to log in at using their email and password before they are able to see your address. I will never send your personal information in an email or on a public forum. You can revoke your permission to share your information at any time by writing me an email expressing your concerns.


 Question? Use our contact form.

Pen Pals Connected by AM Stationery: 30

Pen Pals with Match Pending: 2

Pen Pals Awaiting a Match: 17

Countries Spanning: 10

(as of May 3)

Behind the Scenes...
This is what happens after you've paid for the pen pal entry and filled out the questionnaire. I head to my office and get to work finding you a correspondent!

Behind the scenes at AM Stationery with the Find a Pen Pal process




More Frequently Asked Questions...

  • I'm afraid I won't write back quick enough. What if I'm not a good pen pal?
Relax! Reach out to me if you have any worries, I love to talk to my customers and pen pals. But right now, you can start building a writing habit by choosing one night a week to write for 20 minutes, and by the time you have a pen pal, you'll already be a little more conditioned for it. Writing is therapeutic and can help you focus on the things that are important to you. Buy a journal to write in once a week while you're waiting for your pen pal's letter, and check the SENTimental blog for other helpful tips!


  • Is it real, handwritten letters or is it for an email pen pal?

No, this is the real deal! Once you are matched up with someone from another corner of the world, I will help you exchange addresses and write each other longhand letters.



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