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Picture of Alison, Artist and Creator of AM Art & Stationery

I'm Alison, the artist and creator behind AM Art & Stationery. 

I have always loved writing letters and putting my thoughts down on paper. I can express myself so freely with writing and was always encouraged to do so. When I was younger and my mom and I had arguments, we used to write back and forth to each other in a journal so we could get our feelings out.

When I was 10, she let me pick out a Harry Potter stationery set at a yard sale and she asked one of her online scrapbook friends if her 10 year old daughter would like to write me letters, and that's when I got my first pen pal. She lived in Pennsylvania and we exchanged many letters back and forth, talking about 10 year old things. I used to also write letters to my cousins who lived hours away, since I came from a very tight knit family and only got to see them a couple times a year.

In my adult life, I've kept my love for handwritten letters and I've had a few different pen pals along the way, which has always been such a lovely experience. The pen pal I have now is incarcerated and we've been corresponding for over a year. It's nice to talk about life and your ideas and struggles to someone you don't know, and we've built a nice friendship.

About three years ago, I left my hometown in Oregon with my sights on adventure and travel. I moved to the Philadelphia area and started nannying, something that I could pour my heart into since I'd always enjoyed caring for my younger cousins and when I got older, my friends' kids. While nannying, I spent three months living in a hostel in Philadelphia and got to meet wonderful travelers from all different cultures and corners of the world.

After a while I left Philly and went to Europe. Now, I've traveled to Amsterdam, England and a few places in between, always sending letters, postcards and trinkets back to the kids I cared for, my friends, my penpals and my loved ones in Oregon. As a creative person who always has a pen in her hand, I discovered watercolor and began painting my own postcards.

dutch postcard: veel success / good luck

Opening my own stationery shop is a dream come true. I realized that I just wanted to do more of what I was passionate about, and I love to make art and send letters, so AM Art & Stationery was born. These pieces have my heart stamped all over them. At times in my travels when I was too busy or I didn't have my art supplies with me, I would search the internet for artsy online card stores that I could add a custom message to and send to a friend, but I never found what I was looking for. This became something I wanted to add to my own store.

I take a lot of inspiration from the places around me, the places I travel to, and the things that hold the energy of that place, like with the shells and fishing boat I painted for the Lanzarote postcard collection.

three postcards hanging on the fridge; shell, boat, aloe plant

I am having so much fun making art that speaks to me, and I hope it speaks to you as well. I appreciate every sale and I hope that with my cards, you are able to send a message to someone you love.

Thank you for finding my store and believing in me!
All the love,

Xx Alison


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