Time for a Recipe Swap!

Since trying out our first pen pal event last month, the sticker swap, I am excited to bring to you another event: a recipe swap!

banner with various illustrations of food items / ingredients, surrounding a white piece of notebook paper that says "my recipe" at the top and nothing else. To the right is an illustration of the backside of an envelope with a heart where it closes. To the furthest right is a blue mailbox with the flag in the up position and a letter showing inside. Lettering reads "Pen Pal Recipe Swap Facilitated by AMStationery.com"

This one is going to be structured a little differently. The sticker swap had to travel to everyone individually, and it's still making its way to the third person in a list of 12! So it's going to take a while...

This time I want to make it feel more... instantly gratifying! And everyone can enjoy it at the same time!

So sign ups are open now until the 23rd of May, and when they are closed, I will send everyone an email with a link in it.

That link will direct you to a password-protected web page, which will only be up for a week.

On that webpage will be each participant's name, any particular diet restrictions, preferences, or allergies, and their mailing address.

Your job as a participant will be to make as many recipe cards as there are other people in the group. Once you have them ready, send them off! Everyone else will do the same, and soon your mailbox will be filled with recipes from mysterious pen-friends in different corners of the world.

They'll keep trickling in until the last one arrives. You'll have lots of new meals to try, and maybe you'll even make a new friend in the process! You can return the sender's recipe with a little postcard when you've tried it, I'm sure they would appreciate it!!

It's all up to you and the other participants. You can send a note with your recipe about yourself, ask them to reach out to you once they've tasted it, or ask them not to reach out to you if you'd rather just share and remain somewhat anonymous. We're okay with just about anything around here!

So please join us now until May 23 by filling out this form: https://forms.gle/A5VdsiFkrYWczQF98

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