• Pen Pal Stories: Here's What 8 Modern Pen Pals Said About Their Experience

    I was recently browsing the web on various snail-mail sites and blogs, as I sometimes do, when I came across this lovely article where eight differ...
  • Pen Pals for 7 Decades: Nona and Alice

    ...Somewhere in the 200 pages of the Girls' Crystal Annual, was an ad for becoming a 12 year old girl's pen pal in Ohio. To another 12 year old girl who had never left her small English city, that seemed like another world. So Nona excitedly wrote and mailed a letter with a picture of herself enclosed, and a few weeks letter got the same back from Alice. 

    The girls wrote to each other regularly for years, talking about their social life, their studies, books and movies they liked, and swapping fashion magazines. As they got to their teens and older, they shared with each other in other milestones like new jobs, getting married, having kids, and more.

  • Pen Pal Story: Jeanette and Rosita

      Today I wanted to share a pen pal story with my readers and customers. In the Pen Pal Survey, you all said overwhelmingly that you want to read ...