• The Recipe Swap is Closed! Get your letters ready...

    Introduction 15 people signed up for the "Pen Pal Recipe Swap", and besides that, there's me! So that's 16 addresses altogether, and we have 8 diff...
  • Time for a Recipe Swap!

    Since trying out our first pen pal event last month, the sticker swap, I am excited to bring to you another event: a recipe swap! This one is go...
  • Craft: Coded Message with Popsicle Sticks or Paper Strips

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  • Modern Pen Pals: Combining Snail Mail and Email


    Pen pals matched with AM Stationery's Pen Pal Service will now be encouraged to introduce themselves via email first. Which allows them to get to know each other a little, gives them a push to send that first letter, and even gives them a chance to set up something fun and personal, like a list of 10 current favorite songs, the exchange of a favorite recipe, or some other way to get to know each other that plays to both of their interests.
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  • Pen Pal Letters: How to Write Your First Letter

    Pen pal letters can be tricky, because you don’t know a whole lot about the other person and vice versa. It’s difficult to know what they might find interesting.

    That’s why I’ve made this post with some pointers, to help you write your first pen pal letter. And hey - maybe you don’t get to all of it in the first go ‘round and you can use it as a springboard for future pen pal letters!


    Start by introducing yourself, explaining where you are writing from and what it’s like there. 

    Put yourself on a map so the receiver has an idea of where you are in the world.

    1. Start the letter by introducing yourself and explaining where you are from
    2. Describe what life is like there
    3. If you live in a small town or a place that isn't known worldwide, reference the closest big city and tell them:
      1. how far it is from you and
      2. how you would get there from your house (train, plane, ferry, car)