Pen Pal Stories: Here's What 8 Modern Pen Pals Said About Their Experience

I was recently browsing the web on various snail-mail sites and blogs, as I sometimes do, when I came across this lovely article where eight different people from around the world who have taken to pen palling, even in the modern age of 2022, share about their experience and how much they enjoy it.

It just goes to show that although technology is convenient and important, it can't replace everything. There is something treasured about pen palling, writing things out the slow way, and taking time to read and craft a letter with intention.

In this article I am sharing, published on a young woman's blog who is from Iowa, USA and living in London, each person is asked 1. How did you first get into pen palling? When did you start? 2. What is your favourite / least favourite part of pen palling? 3. Favorite place to get penpalling supplies? 4. Favorite thing to get in your envelope? and 5. Advice for those wanting to start pen palling?

You'll be inspired, like I was, after reading Pen Pals from Idealistic Iowan.

My favorite answer might be this one, to the question Best advice for those wanting to start pen palling?, given by Rihannon, in England: "You can do it for cheap! Pick up free magazines (skate shops are my fave) and make collages, decorate your envelopes with kids’ stickers... and don’t compare yourself to other peoples’ stuff you see on Instagram."

So true, what she said about comparing yourself to others and using free magazines!! This has always been a big belief of mine. Even though I run a professional art store and my products might look perfect, when I blog and write letters to customers (which I often do!), I try and roll with imperfection. I try to keep my tutorial blog posts very simple, with little to no special tools needed, sticking to stuff like How to Draw a Drop Cap and this DIY Letterhead Tutorial where you only need markers!


It's even one of my values seen on the homepage. Make What You Can.

It might seem silly for a business owner to discourage their customers from buying unnecessary tools or gadgets, but I understand that everyone is different and some people just don't need that or don't have space for it!

I try to keep this in mind as a shop owner, and stock items for all different types of crafters.

Like with this Baroque Label Template Set ... three small stencils made from upcycled plastic that allow you to trace and cut a label out of any paper you have lying around.


They're made from upcycled hard plastic. (They used to be a really cute placemat for the dinner table!)

And also with these stationery sets that include everything you need to send 5 letters.

So, pen pals, just remember that you don't have to be perfect. You just have to have fun!

I am so glad to have all of you in my community! And if you found your way here from a different corner of the internet, welcome, and please enjoy your stay. Leave a comment and say hello!



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