How to Make an Envelope of Any Size (No Special Tools Needed!)

A couple months ago, I teamed up with Lina (@fromlinawithlove) from Instagram to bring you a tutorial on How to Make a 5x7 Envelope. Ever since then, I've been making my own envelopes of all different sizes, and I've been wanting to do another tutorial, one that didn't require any measurements or fancy equipment. 

This how-to doesn't require any special tools! Just a pencil, a pair of scissors, paper, and whatever you're putting inside the envelope.
Paper, scissors, pencil and letter
Soon you'll be making your own lovely, custom envelopes!
3 envelopes in different sizes
Who will get your handmade envelopes? Your pen pal? 
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So let's get started!

Once you have your supplies, turn your paper over so the back is facing up. Pay attention to your orientation as you go, make sure it's facing the way you want it to.

Step 1:

Set your letter on the paper and trace around it, leaving a little space all around (just so the letter doesn't fit too tightly into the envelope when you're done). Write an A in the box.

Step 2:

Trace around the letter again, using the long edge of box A as one side.
Write B in the second box.

Step 3:

Draw flaps onto both short edges of box A.
Now draw another flap along the long edge [of box A].

This flap will be the top one, that closes your envelope. On store-bought envelopes, this flap has the lick-and-stick. It might be a good time to check your orientation, now that you know which end is the top ;)

Step 4:

Draw a cutout slightly smaller than the top flap that you just made, but on the inside of box B, on the long edge.
Step 5: Cut it out!
Step 6: Fold in the edges and tape it together!
letter with handmade envelope
and there you have it!
closed envelope and three little jars
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You can use this method to make envelopes of different shapes and sizes. Get creative with it!
envelope with triangle top flap
Love this postcard? Why don't you marry it?!
I had to change the template a little for this tiny business card envelope.
One of the side flaps became the top flap. 
Thanks for reading!
Feel free to share your projects with me and leave any feedback below!
Keep writing and stay curious!
(And support independent artists)
Xx, Alison

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