Check Out These Vintage Comics for Girls from 1975 (published in Dutch)



I love upcycling paper from old books, cards, and magazines. When I thrift store shop, which is usually once per week, I always keep an eye out for cool ephemera, which is a paper-lover's word for old paper printed for one-time use, like ticket stubs, leaflets, brochures, and the likes.

This last week these issues caught my eye and I bought them without even looking. I had arrived 15 minutes before closing and I was only looking for broken jewelry (buying jewelry-making supplies new is expensive!), so I just picked up the top one and threw it on the pile.

When I got home, I realized that two had been stuck together, so I had an extra!

I spent a few minutes taking pictures of each page and turning them into a PDF for you guys, which is something I do with my letters as well so I can remember what I wrote in them. (I wrote a blog post on it last year. See How to Remember What You Wrote in Your Letters).


I hope you enjoy looking through these as much as I did! I didn't read all of them and unless you understand Dutch (or maybe Afrikaans or German) you won't be able to, either, but the graphics are wonderful! They are filled with color and detail. I want to cut them out and paste them all over!

Check them out by using the links below.

TINA Weekblad #9

TINA Weekblad #10







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