DIY Letterhead for Your Pen Pal Letters

When you're sending pen pal letters, you want your paper to be at least a little bit special. Although it definitely works, it feels too boring to use paper you took off the printer tray or ripped out of a spiral notebook. Some people have their own letterhead (have you seen the galaxy-themed one on my store?) complete with their initials / monogram (yes, I offer that, too), and some people have other stationery with a nice design in the margins.
But you can also make your own!
I do if often, and I thought today on the blog I would show you how.

All you need is a few basic art supplies!

blank paper
markers or colored pencils
a ruler

...or one of AM Stationery's DIY kits ;)

Either way, it's not difficult. You'll see! Follow the picture tutorial below.

It's important to draw your monogram before you doodle in the margins, or at least leave space for it. It's optional, of course, but I quite like it :)

Next step: add your creativity. Anything goes!

You really can go in any direction with this! Use any colors, stickers, paper notions or anything else that you want! Have fun with it!

In case you wanted to do it on smaller paper, I also have a picture tutorial of that, too!

You can use the same sketch paper as before, just fold it in half and cut it along the line.

Hang the ruler halfway off the edge, because you're going to want thinner margins.

I didn't use any stickers with this one, because I wanted to show you how creative you can be even if you don't have much!

Sometimes I don't know where a design is going until its done!

Here are four different designs I came up with.

So there you have it! It's pretty easy, right?

I can't wait to see your creations! I'm sure I'll get some of them in my mailbox, but I would love to see pictures here on the blog, on Pinterest, or even Instagram. However you get them to me, please share!

I have one more parting tip for you. If you don't know what to draw and you need inspiration, draw some different squares or circles on a blank page and use the spaces to experiment with different patterns. Pick one of your favorites and run with it! Don't be afraid to make bad art. Just keep going. Oftentimes, my ugliest doodles end up being... pretty decent in the end!

I hope you have fun and enjoy the process.

Stay curious and keep writing!

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  • Beautiful!!! And so easy to follow, I cant wait to try on my next letter.
    I would love to see a typography lesson, like how to make a stylish drop cap !! :)

    nadia bairamis

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