Craft: Coded Message with Popsicle Sticks or Paper Strips


Hello pen pallers and paper crafters!

Today is Valentine's Day, and I had a really fun craft planned for you with this Love You a Lotto Printable for creating a homemade scratch-off ticket, but it's a little last-minute now, as the paint has to dry. I had it all queued up and ready to post yesterday (Sunday, which is also my favorite day for writing letters and doing paper crafts) but I was traveling and while I was ready to post it, boarding at my terminal began! Ugh!

So I decided to share this coded message instead. That way, if you are last minute and need a Valentine today, you could create a fun puzzle for your loved one to tell them just how much they mean to you.

This one should whip up in just a few minutes, leaving you plenty of time to create an envelope or card, or spend extra time decorating your puzzle!

This is what it will look like. 

You can do it with popsicle sticks or strips of paper, like I did. I had lined paper, so it was super easy to make. 

First, write out the message you would like to inscribe. If you are not using lined paper, make sure to space out every letter, writing each letter underneath the other as you work your way down. If you are using lined paper, turn it to the side and use each line as a column.

Then, number each column.

If you are going to use popsicle sticks, gather as many of them as you need and write the letters that are in each column on one stick at a time, working vertically, of course.

If you are using paper strips, just use a marker to make a line across the top and cut them all up at this point!

Write some instructions, put them all in an envelope and ta-da!

After a few different ones, I came up with this one that was a play on words.

I can't wait to see what kind of messages you come up with, if there is any fun word play, and how much nicer yours will all look than mine! So don't forget to share your pictures with me!
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Happy love day, my loves!

Xx, Alison

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