• How to Build a Writing Habit

        In my last post, I wrote about why writing is so good for you and how you should approach writing. Now, I wanted to give you some more practi...
  • How (and Why) to Journal

      I recently read a book called With Pen in Hand: the Healing Power of Writing. I found it in a thrift shop a couple years ago and I have been mea...
  • How to Draw a Drop Cap

    What is a Drop Cap?

    If you've ever held an old story book in your hands, you've probably admired a drop cap. It is that big capital letter that extends down three or four lines and is surrounded by fancy decoration. 

    I'm going to show you how to do it! It doesn't take long at all, and even though mine is not perfect or the most neat, I'm happy with the result. I think because the details are so small, mess ups don't matter as much and the whole thing looks fabulous no matter what! You'll have to show me your creations, too.

  • DIY Letterhead for Your Pen Pal Letters

    When you're sending pen pal letters, you want your paper to be at least a little bit special. Although it definitely works, it feels too boring t...
  • Pen Pal Hack: How to Remember What You Wrote in Your Letter

    The Find a Pen Pal program continues to grow and bring me lots of fuzzy feelings. While some of you are new, others have already been corresponding for weeks. For those of you that have exchanged letters back and forth a few times, you are probably dealing with the short term memory loss I often suffer from when it comes to pen palling. Remembering what you wrote in your letters. This is something I hope I don't struggle with alone. That's why today I have a hack for you. It doubles as a great memory-keeper...

  • How to Make an Envelope of Any Size (No Special Tools Needed!)

    A couple months ago, I teamed up with Lina (@fromlinawithlove) from Instagram to bring you a tutorial on How to Make a 5x7 Envelope. Ever since t...
  • How To Write A Coded Message

    I have long believed that to make life enjoyable, you must find small, fun, goofy things to do as much as possible. This includes writing fun notes for our loved ones, or for anyone, really! With these four easy steps, you'll be brightening someone's day in no time. 

  • Pen Pals for 7 Decades: Nona and Alice

    ...Somewhere in the 200 pages of the Girls' Crystal Annual, was an ad for becoming a 12 year old girl's pen pal in Ohio. To another 12 year old girl who had never left her small English city, that seemed like another world. So Nona excitedly wrote and mailed a letter with a picture of herself enclosed, and a few weeks letter got the same back from Alice. 

    The girls wrote to each other regularly for years, talking about their social life, their studies, books and movies they liked, and swapping fashion magazines. As they got to their teens and older, they shared with each other in other milestones like new jobs, getting married, having kids, and more.

  • How To Have Better Handwriting

    • Plan your week out on paper. 

    Whether you use a bullet journal, single sheet of paper, lined notebook, or a paper towel, make a weekly schedule for yourself to practice spacing (both your letters and evenly dividing up your paper).

    • Journal daily, weekly or bi-weekly

    Journaling is tough to keep up with if you’re not already in the habit of doing it. If you want to journal more often and you want the habit to stick, it is best to start off doing it once a week, then gradually move up to a few times a week, then daily. 

  • How to Write in Different Fonts

    Since middle school, I would find a cute font I wanted on the computer and use my mom’s printer and scrapbook supplies to print it out and mount it nicely to cardstock. Then, I would put the card in the front of my binder and use it as a reference as I wrote out my assignments all day. After practicing for a while, I could write in that font without looking at the card, and I began to get better and better at writing in different fonts.

    You can do the same!

  • How to Make an Envelope

    Hello pen pallers! This week I teamed up with fellow letter lover, Lina, from @fromlinawithlove on Instagram. (I'm giddy from the alliteration.) Li...
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