New Product: Digital Letterhead


I am so happy to share something I've been working on for a long time:

Digital Download Letterhead!!!!!

Before I got my iPad, I sold one type of letterhead - a galaxy design that I'd made using Canva (third party clip-art website) and had printed at a local shop, finishing each set by hand with metallic accents (using a marker), keeping the physical inventory myself and shipping it whenever I received an order. Which, to date, is just one person, a lovely pen paller from Denmark.


Having to do this for every individual design of personalized letterhead wasn't ideal, and that's why there was only one type in my inventory for months. Besides how long it takes to make a new design, have it printed, and the money and space it costs to keep inventory, it is not easy for people to buy and receive their custom letterhead. My pen-palling customers are from all over the world and thus, postage and customs declarations are expensive.

But nowwwwww... I am so happy to offer this amazing solution!!


Now my customers and pen pals can buy custom letterhead - for themselves or their correspondents - and immediately own and download the file! Then, it can be printed at home or at a nearby shop - on whatever color you choose and as many times as you want! - for beautiful, personal letterhead that inspires you to write and create!


PLUS, it is now super easy to order completely custom letterhead. Like with your own colors, illustrations, design ideas, monogram-- everything!



Are you a book lover? Send me a commission request for letterhead with leather spines and gold script - or typewriter font on coffee-stained paper.

Animal enthusiast? Order a fun print with dogs and cats and chickens and pigs on it!

Mathlete? I can already see protractors and coefficients floating around the margins of a page with your initials at the top.

The possibilities are truly endless with this new product - and I tried to make them a fair price. Un-monogrammed letterhead is $5 and custom, monogrammed letterhead is $7.50. Remember, you can print it endless times! I love the idea of possibly supporting local print shops, too. Many of them are struggling.



All in all, I am thrilled to offer this new product and to see where it takes me. I have always loved paper crafting, and I can just imagine pen pals buying letterhead that inspires them to make their own envelopes with a matching paper they have at home, adding stickers and accents and really having fun with their correspondence.

I hope to have the opportunity to design lots of lovely paper for the amazing pen pal network that I've found. One that is growing and constantly bringing me joy!

I wait with eager enthusiasm...

Until Then-

Xx, Alison


P.S. Thank you Sim, for suggesting that I add lines ;)

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