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Coming soon: our gorgeous "Wallpaper" collection of customizable cards and envelopes made with vintage paper.

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Stationery Kits

These kits include stickers, matching paper, and a template for making your own envelopes. You can have beautiful correspondence using a few tools and your own creativity!

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100% Recycled Notebooks

These small, blank-paged notebooks are decorated with hand embroidery and just waiting for you to fill the pages with your creative genius.

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Postcards and Greeting Cards

Sending snail mail is a cherished act around here. Whether someone you love is celebrating a specific event or you just want to them to know you're thinking of them, we believe in putting in on paper.

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Our postcards

Blank Artsy Postcards

Hand-painted Watercolor Art on Postcards. Each card is one of a kind. Shipping always included.

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Postcards with a Message

Postcards that marry watercolor, calligraphy, and sketch art to say something fun or cheeky, sometimes in English, sometimes not.

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Custom Postcards

Do you have something specific you want to say? Craft your message and I'll hand letter it on before sending.

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Our values

Say How You Feel

Whether it's nice or not, it's important to express yourself. Relationships are give and take, and they require communication, even the tough kind. It can be a little easier or a little sweeter with one of our cheeky postcards. Tell 'em how you really feel!

Make What You Can

Money doesn't come free and there's never enough of it. Sustainable crafting means learning skills, taking risks and embracing imperfection, so you can get more connected to your craft and afford to support hardworking artists and honest businesses.

An Eco-Conscious Business

Whether its recycling, upcycling, or buying our materials from local companies, AM Art & Stationery makes conscious decisions before any of our products come to be.